The Other Side Of The Lenz: And So It Begins…

Basketball has arrived in Jackson County for a new year. This weekend we were treated to the annual Blue and White game. This is where our Boys and Girls play a quarter of inter-squad ball to help showcase what the season will be bringing. First up was the Lady Blue Devils and the most notable thing missing on the team are Seniors. This year our Ladies are without any experience Seniors, this will put a great deal of pressure on our only two Juniors, Abigail Poston and Destiny Wood, to lead on the floor.

We saw during football the lower classman begin to rise and take charge, with seven Sophomores and five Freshmen to work with the two Juniors, I expect to see leadership develop over the season. I am sure the first few games will be hard as the younger players find their footing and their place, but I expect the second half of the season our girls will be feasting on victories regularly.

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