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Notice is hereby given that on the 12th day of February, 2019, at the hour of 1:00 p.m., at the East entrance of the Jackson County Courthouse, in Gainesboro, Tennessee, the undersigned Successor Trustee, RANDY DODSON, designated as Successor Trustee by instrument dated January 8, 2019, and of record in Record Book 91, Page 1040, Register’s Office, Jackson County, Tennessee by the terms of Deed(s) of Trust from DAVID W. FAIRFIELD and PATRICIA R. FAIRFIELD, TRUSTEES OF THE FAIRFIELD FAMILY TRUST, to JACK WINDLE, Trustee, dated July 27, 2005 and recorded July 29, 2005 @ 8:14 a.m. in Record Book 39, Page 812, in the Register’s Office for Jackson County, Tennessee,; and pursuant to a Deed(s) of Trust from the TRUSTEES OF FAIRFIELD FAMILY TRUST to JACK WINDLE, Trustee, on December 30, 2005 and recorded January 7, 2006 @ 9:02 a.m. in Record Book 41, Page 1816, in Register’s Office of Jackson County, Tennessee, by reason or default in the obligation secured thereby and performance of the covenants contained therein, included the breach of default, will sell to the highest bidder for cash the interest conveyed to the Trustee by said Deed(s) of Trust in and to the property hereinafter described.

The sale will be made without warranty as to title or encumbrances including unpaid taxes for the purpose of paying the obligations secured by the Deed(s) of Trust, including charges and expenses of the Trustee, sums expended under the terms thereof, interest, attorneys’ fees, and the unpaid balance of the note secured thereby. This sale will be held in compliance with the terms of Section 35-5-101, et seq., Tennessee Code Annotated.

Said lands are described as follows, to-wit:

LYING and being in the 9th Civil District of Jackson County, Tennessee, being more particularly described as follows, to-wit:

Beginning at a steel stake in the Rector Road; thence running southerly 468 feet to a steel stake; thence running easterly 209 feet to a steel stake; thence running northerly 468 feet to a steel stake at the Rector Road; thence running 209 feet westerly back to the Point of Beginning, containing 2 1/4 acres more or less, but sold by the boundary and not by the acre.

The previous and last conveyance being a deed to Fairfield Family Trust from Charlie Maberry et ux Evelyn Maberry, Curtis Maberry, Shelia F. Maberry and Michell K. Schnell, of record in Record Book 38, Page 860, Register’s Office, Jackson County, Tennessee.

Interested parties defined by T.C.A. Section 35-5-104(d):

  1. Jackson County Trustee
  2. Jackson County Clerk and Master
  3. Capital One Bank
  4. LVNV Funding LLC
  5. Cavalry SPV 1, LLC

Information relating to all unpaid real property taxes due Jackson County, Tennessee will be available on the date of sale.

This sale is being held in compliance with the provisions of the Deed of Trust as aforementioned and Section 35-5-101 et seq., Tennessee Code Annotated.

This the 16th day of January, 2019.



1-22, 1-29, 2-5 3TC


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