Cummins Falls State Park Reopens

Cummins Falls State Park reopened last Friday—but with new regulations. All visitors wishing to hike to the gorge and waterfall must apply for a safety permit.

There will be a fee of $6 per permit, and visitors must apply for the permit online before they arrive to the park. Upon arrival, visitors wanting to visit the gorge must show a park official their permit, whether on a mobile phone or a printed copy.

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  1. Martin Whalen on May 20, 2020 at 8:50 am

    Permits are a great idea. Thanks for being vigilant as we open up our parks. Now, if we could get folks not to litter we would be living in heaven. I quit going to Cummings Falls because it had become a trash dump over the rails. Please, please, folks – carry your trash out or put it in the proper receptacles. Thank you

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