County Responds To COVID-19

Mayor Randy Heady


Update as of July 30

46 active cases;

103 positive cases;

57 recovered;

0 deaths officially reported;

6 hospitalizations (to date);

1,379 negative tests;

1,498 total tests.

6.8% of those that have been tested were positive.

0.85% of residents have tested positive.

0.38% of residents have active cases.

As you can see, our numbers have been on the increase during the last three weeks. While this is unfortunate, it is somewhat expected. We must understand as we try to return to a somewhat normal, it is important not to let our guard down. I am encouraging washing our hands frequently, social distancing and the wearing of masks when in crowds. Our office has distributed all 4,000 masks that were received on July 10. The response in the community to these masks has been overwhelmingly positive. Since then we have ordered more masks to be handed out as soon as they arrive.

There has been some concern in the community about people coming in from out of town and bringing the virus here. I appreciate your concern and want you to know that we take that into consideration on a daily basis. With that being said, most, if not all, of our outbreaks have been work or community related. In other words, the contact and spread came from within our residents. This is why it is so important for us to continue being diligent; this is our prevention to the spread.

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