Aldermen Discuss City Trash Collection

The Gainesboro Board of Aldermen met on Thursday and in addition to their regular business, they discussed the possibility of trash pick-up in city limits.

Alderman Ricky Head opened up a conversation about city garbage pick up.

“I’ve been thinking about trying to get a trash pick up for the people who live in the city,” Head said. “Obviously, we wouldn’t be able to do it for the businesses but for the home owners and people who live in the city…”

Head explained that the city could have some of their employees pick up trash from residents in Gainesboro and drop it off at the county dump.

Alderman Travis Agee and Alderman Wayne Strong informed that payment would be required to use the county dump, driving up the cost of the entire operation.

“Personally I think it would be a good thing, but I think that the individual who does it now… would be cheaper than anything we could get,” Agee said.

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  1. Vickey cowan on November 12, 2020 at 4:48 pm

    Trash pick up was originally included when sewage was put in. Therefore making a persons water bill to be double. Now it’s the same price with no trash pick up? So why would you consider charging for pick up when it was originally included in the price?

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