Potential New Ordinance Discussed

The Gainesboro Board of Alderman met in regular fashion on Thursday night and discussed the possibility of a property ordinance to enforce the de-cluttering of a local storefront.

City Attorney Kayla Cantrell announced that she is working on drafting a city ordinance that would help limit the amount of clutter allowed in front of local businesses.

The ordinance is targeting a local thrift store that, according to Cantrell, has been asked multiple times by the city to fix the problem, with no results.

Since there is no current ordinance in place to help enforce the city’s request, Cantrell said she is working with the Municipal Technical Advisory Service to help draft one.

“I’m thinking something to the effect of ‘you can’t have more than five items of second-hand merchandise’, or 10 items…. It needs to be specific enough to be enforced,” Cantrell said.

In old business, Ricky Head announced that he had spoken with the County Mayor Randy Heady concerning city trash pickup.

“I did get with Randy Heady about… if we started picking up trash and us taking it to the county dump sites. He said he didn’t see that there would be an issue with it, but he wanted me to meet with the solid waste committee and ask them because he said he didn’t want to go over their heads,” Head said.

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