County Commission To Enhance Fairgrounds

The Jackson County Commission has elected to upgrade the county fairgrounds using grant money from two different places.

The Tennessee Department of Agriculture offered the county a grant for $75,000 to help with renovations on the fairgrounds, provided that the county match the $75,000.

The county will be paying the remaining $75,000 with grant money provided by the governor and general assembly, allowing the county to improve the fairgrounds at no real cost to Jackson County.

“It’s kind of unusual to get to use grant money to match grant money, but this is a unique circumstance,” Mayor Randy Heady said.

Mayor Heady went on to say that the money would be used to either replace or renovate the roof on the barn and enhance the baseball fields.

Commissioner Josh Locke added that the youth football program is in need of a new field, and proposed the idea of adding a football field to the fairgrounds.

“We have other plans in mind for a youth football field in the future… going down the road we think we have an opportunity to do something even bigger and nicer for the county. We would like to do a Sportsplex and put baseball fields, youth football and youth soccer at one place, and we think that we have that opportunity maybe going forward. It may be two years down the road, but we want to give them something to be proud of,” Heady said.

The Tennessee Department of Workforce Development has sent grant money from the state to individual counties to help supplement those who have lost their jobs due to COVID-19.

Jackson County received $50, 280.70.

The money will be used to hire citizens of Jackson County who have been unable to work due to the pandemic.

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