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City And Store Owner Reach A Compromise

The Town of Gainesboro Board of Mayor and Alderman met in regular session last Thursday and disputed allegations made against a local business owner.

As previously reported in the Sentinel, the board discussed putting into place a property ordinance that would enforce the de-cluttering of a local storefront—which was targeting a specific business, but would be enforced for all businesses.

The targeted thrift store owners, Steve Hamlet and Dustin Click disputed the allegations made.

According to Hamlet, the statements that were publicly made about his store were false.

“Some of the comments that were made were untruthful,” Hamlet said. “Mr. Click has been harassed by some of his adjoining neighbors since he has been in business.”

He went on to add that the dispute has nothing to do with their store, but instead the parking lot.

Hamlet explained that the restaurant neighboring his business is a dine-in establishment with very little parking, so diners of the establishment park in a flower shop’s parking spaces, which is also neighboring Hamlet’s storefront.

“That is our fault according to the ladies at the flower shop,” Hamlet said.

Hamlet added that allegations told about him vary.

“We keep it as neat as possible,” he said. “We bring a16-foot trailer in at a time and we sell trailer loads at a time. I don’t understand the comments that are being made that we’re hurting another business just by being there.”

“Sometimes, I go by there, and I don’t think that, what I think personally, the effort made to keep it clean and looking presentable has been made,” Agee said. “Sometimes I go by, there is not hardly anything out there. All I am asking is just keep it as clean as possible.”

Hamlet said trailers of merchandise come in daily from different distances, so unloading and organizing the items can be difficult.

“[Click] has worked extremely hard trying to make a decent business in this town with people warning him not to,” Hamlet said. “He cares about this town… They made opinions based on driving by one day and we may have just loaded or just unloaded… You could have stopped by and asked at anytime. He could explain it to you. He could show you.”

As previously reported in the Sentinel, it was stated that the store owners have been asked multiple times by the city to fix the problems, to no resolve; however, Hamlet informed the board that the only time the city had contacted them to fix the issue over the parking was over a year ago.

“That is the only time we ever heard from anybody,” Hamlet said.

As a compromise, Hamlet said trailers and unloaded merchandise will now be placed behind the building.

For more on this story, pick up a copy of this week’s Jackson County Sentinel.

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