Officials Provide Update On Ongoing Projects

Jackson County officials met via Zoom recently in a “Town Hall” meeting hosted by the Highlands Economic Partnership and updated the community on the various projects taking place in the Jackson County area.

The meeting was kicked off with an update from Gainesboro Mayor Lloyd Williams.

The city is currently benefiting from a rehabilitation grant that is to restore the sewer systems in the amount of $600,000.

He stated the work is set to begin soon.

Another grant has been awarded to the city, which will aid in Americans with Disabilities Act accessibility.

“We have a Community Planning grant that will come in and check our parking, our ADA accessibility and will try to connect the city to the Roaring River Park,” he said.

In addition to the Community Planning Grant, the city has been approved for striping funds as previously reported in the Jackson County Sentinel.

The work that is taking place in the Community Planning effort will coincide with the striping project so the consultants and companies hired to do the work will not be “double dipping.”

Williams also informed the panel that the city is working on an LED lighting project, which will replace all of the city’s streetlights.

“I think it will be a big improvement on the appearance of the town,” he said.

On an unrelated note, the City of Livingston has recently undergone a similar project and has seen a significant decrease in the cost of lighting.

County Mayor Randy Heady was next on the panel and provided numerous updates concerning the progress being made in the county with grant funds from Community Block Development Grants, the Tennessee Housing Authority, grants from the Tennessee Department of Health and from the ThreeStar Grant among many others.

He informed the remaining funds of Jackson County’s ThreeStar Grant will go towards supplies for the school system’s TCAT classes.

For more on this story, pick up a copy of this week’s Jackson County Sentinel.

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