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Poll Workers To Receive Hazard Pay

Jackson County Commissioners met in a regularly scheduled meeting last Monday and informed that a canopy is now up at the Jackson County Health Department.

County Mayor Randy Heady informed the commission that the canopy is now in place at the Jackson County Health Department, which will allow those administering tests and vaccines to keep them out of the elements.

“One thing we have learned from the pandemic is that there is more than one way to administer tests and vaccines,” Heady said. “I’d say that is one of the things that they have done that will stay here with us.”

According to Heady, it is a 24×41 drive-thru canopy that was paid for out of the General Purpose fund in the amount of $6,175.

Jackson County Election Administrator Clay Thaxton informed that an amendment needed to be made to his budget because of money received through grant funding.

“We got COVID money again and I wasn’t sure what I could use the money for and not use the money for,” Thaxton said. “So we just set up a budget line of estimates of what we could use it for; however, I later found out I could use it as hazard pay for my poll workers.”

He went on to explain that it also could have been used for personal protective equipment; however, the state supplied the Elections Office with more than enough equipment—making it unnecessary to purchase.

The money from the grant funds is being reallocated to the salary line to pay for hazard pay for the office’s poll workers.

The commission also voted to replace an air conditioning unit in the Sheriff’s Department office in the amount of $6,100.

For more on this story, pick up a copy of this week’s Jackson County Sentinel.

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