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Get Control of Acne Breakouts with a Revolutionary First-of-Its-Kind Treatment


(BPT) - Did you know that breakouts can start long before the anxiety of middle school? In fact, people can get acne at almost any age, and it affects both males and females alike. The causes of acne can range from heredity to stress and diet, but most doctors point to hormones as the main culprit. When androgens rise during puberty, the sebaceous glands enlarge and produce more sebum or oil. So, if one of your parents or another close blood relative suffered from severe acne that caused scarring, you may also be at greater risk.

According to Dermatologist Emmy Graber, MD, MBA, founder and President of The Dermatology Institute of Boston, “Acne is an exceedingly common condition in kids, teens and adults, and especially in the age of social media, where it can cause feelings of low self-esteem and impact an individual’s confidence. There are many treatments available, from drugstore washes and gels to prescription medications, but results are often variable and can be temporary.”

With a sea of acne treatment options to navigate, what solutions are dermatologists excited about? One to note is AviClear™, the first and only FDA-cleared energy device for the treatment of mild, moderate, and severe acne. The AviClear laser was designed to address acne by going right to the source. “This revolutionary laser technology uses a unique wavelength to selectively target the oil glands in the skin. The results we are seeing are a measurable improvement of acne over a series of three 30-minute treatments spaced one month apart with minimal downtime,” adds Dr. Graber.

According to Chicago-based Dermatologist Ashish Bhatia, MD, FAAD, “This is a unique method of treating acne at the source. AviClear’s new 1726 nm wavelength selectively targets and suppresses the sebaceous gland safely and effectively. The addition of AviCool™ contact cooling makes it a comfortable treatment experience for patients,” he says. “Clinical trials have shown that current and future breakouts are shorter, less intense, and less frequent, and results continue to improve over time,” adds Dr. Bhatia.

Among the many reasons doctors, skincare professionals, and their patients are excited about this new treatment, “AviClear is drug-free and safe for all skin types,” says Beverly Hills-based Facial Plastic Surgeon Arash Moradzadeh, MD. “After just 3 treatments, our celebrity patients are thrilled to experience a noticeable reduction in acne breakouts and an improvement in the overall appearance and texture of their skin that lasts. It’s truly a win-win.”

Find an AviClear practice near you at https://aviclear.com/locations/.