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How to pick safer disposable materials


How can anyone evaluate one-to-one replacements for disposable food service ware designed to be less harmful to health and the environment? It’s not easy. Orb Media has created a basic methodology that anyone can use to ask the right questions, get the answers, and direct themselves toward safer, more sustainable choices.

Orb Media conducted extensive research into the safety and sustainability of disposable food service ware, as well as a thorough study of currently available and newly developed products and materials, which offer an alternative to conventional plastic and paper around the world.

Having reviewed scientific studies, special reports, news articles, and other sources, as well as conducted interviews with some of the world’s leading experts on food packaging safety and sustainability, we have:

  • Developed a methodology for evaluating the health and environmental impacts of disposable food service ware, based on publicly available information that anyone can access.

  • Determined the best available materials and technologies of disposable food service products currently available around the world. Using our methodology, we have identified five major product categories, and paired each preferred material or technology with one or more representative products to assist in identifying better choices.

– Orb Media


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