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Katherine Baugh Anderson to Celebrate 100th Birthday


Katherine Baugh Anderson was born in Baugh Hollow on July 12, 1924. She graduated from the brand-new Fox High School in 1942, as many of her male classmates were leaving to fight in World War II. After two years at David Lipscomb College, she attended and graduated from Peabody College in 1946 with a double major in biology and chemistry and a minor in physics.

Miss Katherine and her husband, Dr. Bill Anderson, had two children, Tom and Margaret. After Dr. Anderson passed away, Miss Katherine married Sam O. Anderson.

In 1956 Superintendent Robert Fox called Miss Katherine asking her to teach sixth and seventh grade, but he couldn’t offer her a classroom. He arranged for a chalkboard to be put up in the principal’s office at Gainesboro Elementary. It became her first classroom. With a college degree but no education degree, she had to have a special permit to teach. Miss Katherine eventually moved to the high school where she taught chemistry. She retired in 1983.

Miss Katherine’s family and a multitude of friends are excited to celebrate her 100th birthday at the Center Grove Church of Christ annex from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. on Saturday, July 13. Please join us in honoring this hometown heroine.

Katherine Baugh Anderson